Fixture Installation and Replacment

Did you know that minor water leaks account for 1 trillion gallons of wasted water each year? That’s enough water to supply 11 million homes annually. 10% of homes have leaks that waste more than 90 gallons every single day. Don’t keep ignoring that dripping faucet! Whether you’ve got a leaking fixture or if you’re just looking for an upgrade, we’ve got you covered.

You should consider what type of faucets you will use, which fixtures match the style of your home, what size will work with your space, and what current hidden pipes are still intact. Being able to tell us exactly which fixtures you want to replace or install can’t hurt, either.

Kitchen Sinks

If this is for a remodel, and you plan to change the location of the sink, there will be some additional plumbing pipes to be installed. You should also consider whether you want a garbage disposal and a dishwasher as well, as we can complete the plumbing for those while we’re at it.

Bathtubs and Showers

Different faucets for these fixtures will mean different piping behind the walls. It’s best to pick out the faucets and have them installed while we take care of the plumbing as well.


When choosing a toilet, make sure it is one that you are comfortable with. Speak with our representatives about the difference between single and two-piece types so that you can be sure you’ve got the right model for your needs.

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    Sustainability is something that is very important to us. We are all so fortunate to have a clean supply of water, it truly is a precious resource – however that supply is severely limited so we all must do our part to reduce water usage. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we want to eliminate all of the old water-guzzling toilets so we will be giving away 4 free low flow toilets every year.