Solving Drain and Sewer Problems

Give us a call for help with slow drains, clogged toilets, major backups or any drainage issues. We can use our snakes, sewer machines and our sewer camera to locate the issue and clear the blockage. We can also excavate and replace entire sewer mains when needed.

What You Can Do to Prevent Clogs

  • Use screens/strainers to keep hair and food from going down the drain

  • Do not pour grease or oils down the drain

  • Do not use your garbage disposal as a trash can, certain things should never go down your disposal, including: poultry skins, celery, egg shells, sweet potatoes or potato skins, coffee grounds, pasta or any fibrous vegetable

  • Make sure you have a waste basket in your bathroom so guests don’t use the toilet as a trash can

Blockages can get very ugly, very fast, so we recommend calling at the first sign of trouble.

    We're Here to Help!

    Signs that you may need your drain cleaned:
    • Slow draining sinks or tubs

    • Standing water in sinks and tub

    • Unpleasant odors coming from drains

    • Toilets that are gurgling or won’t flush

    • A child who flushes toys down the toilet

    NOTE: If more than one fixture is backing up in your home, there could be a main line blockage. It’s very important to have this taken care of right away to protect your home and your health!

    We don’t recommend that homeowners try to fix a clogged drain on their own. While a plunger may work, it can also push the clog further down. We also do not recommend chemical drain cleaners. They are generally not effective, are bad for the environment, and can actual damage and corrode the inside of your pipes. Additionally, sewers can begin to fail over time, or become clogged with tree roots (common in Ocean Pines).

    Our plumbing pros can handle all of your drain cleaning or sewer needs. We have the equipment to handle anything large or small. Whether your pipes need to be snaked, jetted or inspected with a camera, give us a call today!

    Win a FREE Water-Saving Toilet!
    Sustainability is something that is very important to us. We are all so fortunate to have a clean supply of water, it truly is a precious resource – however that supply is severely limited so we all must do our part to reduce water usage. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we want to eliminate all of the old water-guzzling toilets so we will be giving away 4 free low flow toilets every year.