Broken Water Lines

There can be many causes of a broken water line. Unfortunately (like anything else), plumbing does not last forever. Piping can become victim to normal wear and can deteriorate over time. Additionally, tree roots can sometimes intrude the water main and actually grow right through the line causing small cracks or tears. This is a notorious issue here locally, especially in the Ocean Pines area.

Our qualified, expert plumbers are here to help. In the event that you DO need a water line replacement, Seaside offers trenchless water line replacement. That means we can replace your water line without having to dig up your yard! To find out more information call 410-641-1368.

Signs of a Broken Line

  • Recent high water bills
  • No water at all
  • Low water pressure
  • Discolored water
  • Mysterious puddles or sinkholes in your yard

    We're Here to Help!

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