Upgrade Your Toilet

Upgrade Your Toilet Some older toilets can use upwards of 3.5 gallons of water per flush or more. Newer, more efficient toilets use about 1.28 gallons per flush. Upgrading your toilet can save more [...]

Important Changes to Water Heaters

Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips In 2015, government mandated regulations on virtually ALL residential water heaters, requiring them to have higher energy efficiency ratings. What does this mean? Any new [...]

Holiday Plumbing Tips

Holiday Plumbing Tips The holidays are often the busiest time of year for plumbers. Sometimes issues can arise when you are not home, or because you have too many people in your home. Here are a few [...]

Will It Flush?

Will It Flush? Use caution with what you flush down the toilet. 'Flushable' wipes are often not as flushable as the manufacturer makes them out to be, and can commonly cause issues and backups in yo [...]

Spring Plumbing Tip

Spring Plumbing Tips Think About Saving Water: Call a plumber to have them do a quick assessment of your fixtures you can also click here to calculate your water usage). Upgrading your fix [...]

Reduce Your Summer Water Usage

Reduce Your Summer Water Usage Household water usage increases significantly over the summer months with an estimated 30-70% of water being used outdoors according to the EPA. Consider purchasing a [...]

30 Secrets a Plumber Won’t Tell You

30 Secrets a Plumber Won't Tell You Monday is Our Busiest Day: That’s the day wives call us to correct the “work” their husbands did over the weekend. A Burst Washing Machine Hose is a Top Homeowner [...]

Why You Should Flush Your Water Heater

Why You Should Flush Your Water Heater Flushing your water heater once a year can greatly increase the life and efficiency of your water heater. Over time, mineral deposits can build up which can no [...]

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